Square Billets


Billets are MISCO’s primary product and in full capacity, our plant can produce 1.2 million tonnes per year.

MISCO manufactures and supplies high-quality Continuously Cast Square Billets of various cross-sections and length depending upon the requirement of our customers. Billets of material specifications such as ASTM, BS, EN and more are manufactured. Any other specific requirements of the customer in terms of size or materials are also maintained.

Billets produced in our plant can be of alloying and non-alloying type for applications like structural and general purposes, rebar for concrete reinforcement, wire drawing or any special applications like Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, High Carbon etc.

The Process


Molten Steel, after being refined and treated in a Ladle Furnace, will be transferred to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) though the Steel Ladle with the help of a 280 ton EOT crane. This molten steel will be cast into a square billet of 150MM X 150 MM square section in a 5 strand fully-automated Continuous Casting Machine (CCM). Billets will be cut to a 12m length each by an automatic torch cutting machine.

Billets, after cutting to a required length, will be transferred to the Hot Charging Roller table for feeding into the Induction Heater of the Rolling Mill. In case of non-requirement in Rolling Mill at any particular time or market demand, billets can be discharged to a cooling bed for natural cooling and storage for selling in market. These billets are also used as raw materials or feedstocks for rolling/ forging/other metal processing operations.


The steel grades and chemistry for the performance test are of the following composition:

%-C %-Mn %-Si %-P %-S C-eq
Rebar BS 4449 0.18-0.25 0.70-1.10 0.25-0.50 Max 0.03 Max 0.03 0.32-0.45

The content of impurities and dissolved gases shall not exceed the following limits:

Cu Sn Cu+10Sn Pb Zn N2 H2
0.30% max 0.025 max 0.50 max 0.030 max 0.040% max 80 ppm 7 ppm

The total Al content and the relation between metallic Al and total Al shall respect the following limits:

Al-tot ≤ 0.005%

Mn/S and Mn/Si ratios shall be balanced in order to respect the following limit:

Mn/Si > 3 Mn/S > 5

130MMX130MM 132 KG/METER 6-12 METER (+50/-50MM)
150MMX150MM 175 KG/METER 6-12 METER (+50/-50MM)
160MMX160MM 196 KG/METER 6-12 METER (+50/-50MM)

Sl No Parameters Value
1. Section size Tolerance ± 2 mm
2. Rhomboidity 2.5 % Max
3 Billet cut length Tolerance ± 25 mm
4. Diagonal difference 10mm
5. Corner radius 4 mm Max
6. Straightness Camber 8 mm/ Meter
7. Angular Twist Not more than 0.8 degree per meter and not more than 5 Degree over 12 meter length.
8. Cutting Both ends will be Flame Cut
9. Identification At the end of each billet cast number and size will be Stamped or hand written
10 Concavity / Convexity Less than ± 1.5%
11. Surface The defects like longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, scab and thick scale, slag patches, surface blowholes etc. will be within acceptable range.