Steel Melt Shop

MISCO’s state-of-the-art steel plant features a 140-MT AC Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and 140-MT Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF), a 5-strand Continuous Billet Caster, Induction Heater and a high-speed Rolling Mill.

Molten steel produced in the EAF, after refinement and treatment in the Ladle Furnace, is transferred to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) though Steel Ladle with the help of a 280 Ton EOT Crane. The 5-strand fully-automated Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) is capable of casting square billets of cross-section 150mm x 150mm.

Auxiliary facilities such as an Water Treatment Plant, Air Compressors and a Chiller Plant, a Fume Treatment Plant and a Raw material/ Steel scrap Handling facility are also instrumental to MISCO’s steel mill.

ConDor Installation

Also, from the SMS Group, the ConDor technology improves the safety and profitability of the steel mill. Instead of the conventional slag door, MISCO’s plant will be having the ConDor installation in the electric arc furnace.

The ConDor automates the processes at the slag door which is one of the highly dangerous areas of the mill. It will protect workers from splashes and reactions during the scrap charging process. It also minimizes scrap loss.


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