MISCO continuously seeks strategies for compact and efficient production units that not only utilizes local resources but are also sustainable, energy-efficient and cost optimized. To meet these features, MISCO has adopted the Continuous Mill Technology (CMT) developed by the SMS Group – one of the global leaders in steel mill technologies and processing plants.

The main feature of the CMT is to directly combine billet continuous casting with the rolling process.

Instead of an oil or gas fired furnace, an inductive heating system is employed, which does not reheat the billets but only equalizes the temperature profile. The induction heater gives perfect control of the starting temperature for the rolling mill, according to the billet speed. This solution requires much lower investment costs. By eliminating the complete reheating stage, energy costs and the impact on the environment will be markedly reduced.

This revolutionary technology will avoid huge quantity of Natural Gas consumption which is a rare energy resource and will reduce the environmental pollution by avoiding huge emission of CO2, NO2, SO2.