MISCO has ushered in the latest global technology into Oman in our manufacturing processes. We distinguish ourselves by adopting technology that is sustainable to the environment – costing less energy and leaving less carbon footprints.

We have teamed up with the German mill technology front-runner, SMS Group to build the new, ultra-modern Continuous Mill Technology (CMT) Mini-Mill that not only reduces initial investment significantly, but also is the epitome of energy-efficiency. Taking the mini-mill concept one step forward, the CMT technology directly links the billet continuous casting with the rolling process guaranteeing shorter distances and thereby, saving a substantial amount of energy and effort by combining these steps.

By employing an inductive heating system as opposed to an oil or gas-fired furnace, rolling takes place without time lag by exploiting the casting heat. The induction heater eliminates the use of CO2-intensive reheating furnaces altogether and also the need to reheat the billets. The heater also equalizes the temperature profile and gives seamless control of the starting temperature for the rolling mill based on the billet speed. This process eliminates investment in the reheating furnace, thereby saving energy costs and noticeably reducing the impact on the environment.


This revolutionary technology avoids the consumption of a huge quantity of natural gas which is a rare energy resource and will reduce the environmental impact by avoiding huge emissions of CO2, NO2, SO2. Hence, the technology gives us a substantial competitive edge over traditional mini-mills in terms of operational competence, product superiority and eco-friendliness.