Our Sustainable Efforts2019-03-27T10:44:22+00:00

Ensuring a sustainable future through technology

Although MISCO’s aim is to attain greater heights in Steel making, it doesn’t fall short in giving back to Nature.

MISCO believes in shaping a Sustainable Future with the help of Technology. By utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures lesser energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and a better environmental conservation, MISCO drives itself towards a more ecologically-concerned unit.

MISCO understands that the impact on the environment cannot be reversed, but can definitely be minimized. It works continuously towards finding new solutions that would prevent pollution, gradually cease the reduction of natural resources and help in reusing and recycling of waste – all towards a better and healthy environment.

Committed to responsible operations and incessant improvement, MISCO strives to become one of those steel making units who not just make steel but help in building a sustainable society.