State-of-the-art Mill
MISCO’s state-of-the-art steel mill features a 140-t AC electric arc furnace, a 140-t ladle furnace, a 5-strand continuous billet caster, Induction Heater and a high speed Rolling Mill. Auxiliary facilities such as an efficient Water Treatment Plant, Air Compressors and a Chiller Plant, a Fume Treatment Plant and a Raw material/ Steel scrap Handling facility are some of the instrumental keys of MISCO’s steel mill.

ConDor Installation
Another development from the SMS Group, the utilization of the ConDor technology will improve the safety and profitability at the steel mill. Instead of the conventional slag door, Misco’s plant will be having the ConDor installation in the electric arc furnace. The ConDor automates the processes at the slag door which is one of the highly dangerous areas of the mill. It will protect workers from splashes and reactions during the scrap charging process. It also minimizes scrap loss.

Quality Production

  • MISCO Plant will be able to produce 1.2 million tonnes per year of billets, out of which 1.1 million tonnes per year are rolled into rebars of 8 to 40 millimetres.
  • The fully-continuous rolling line will be equipped with 14 strands arranged in horizontal and vertical configuration followed by two high-speed finishing blocks with six “V” type mill strands each.
  • The roughing and intermediate trains are designed as HL housingless stands. The “V” blocks are specifically designed for highly efficient and productive finish-rolling of rebars up to 50 meters per second. The high-speed delivery system HSD enables to roll material at speeds of 41 meters per second.
  • Rolling Mill of MISCO will have split rolling facility with finishing blocks to produce high quality finished TMT bars.
  • Our plant will have direct hot charging facility of billet to Rolling Mill through Induction Furnace instead of conventional Reheating Furnace.
  • The complete electrical and automation package includes Level-1 and Level-2 process control.
  • The automation system will allow MISCO to meet all possible market demands with built-in capabilities for plant-wide production planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting.

Auxiliary Facilities
MISCO Steel complex will be having a 250 TPD Air Separation Unit (ASU ) supplied by Internationally reputed Oxygen Plant Technology supplier AIRLIQUIDE, France . ASU Plant will produce high purity Oxygen , Aron and Nitrogen from Atmospheric Air for captive consumption. This will reduce the harmful impact on atmospheric air.